Who is the Liquidation Trustee and who appointed him?

Michael I. Goldberg is the Liquidation Trustee.  Prior to the Effective Date, Mr. Goldberg served as a member of the Debtors’ independent Board of Managers, and had been the SEC’s designee to that Board.  Mr. Goldberg was unanimously selected to be the Liquidation Trustee by the Unsecured Creditors’ Committee, the Noteholder Committee, and the Unitholder Committee.

Mr. Goldberg is the co-chair of Akerman LLP’s Fraud & Recovery Practice Group, a comprehensive fraud management team focusing on Ponzi schemes and EB-5 fraud.  Mr. Goldberg has managed some of the largest Ponzi scheme liquidation recoveries in U.S. history.  More recently he has developed a reputation for his work unraveling EB-5 fraud schemes.  Mr. Goldberg has served as court-appointed receiver in many cases over the past two decades, helping maximize returns to victims by identifying, securing, and monetizing potential assets as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Mr. Goldberg regularly lectures on Ponzi schemes, EB-5 fraud and receiverships and has written numerous articles on these topics. Mr. Goldberg is regularly recommended to serve as receiver to district courts by the SEC in connection with SEC receivership cases and has served as a receiver for the SEC in approximately 20 cases in the past 20 years.