If I contributed my claims, may I still pursue such claims individually?

No.  If you elected to contribute your claims, you may not pursue such claims individually.  The Trust is the owner of those claims.  Any amounts that you may receive on claims contributed to the Trust belong to the Trust, and must be paid over to, or otherwise recouped by, the Trust for the benefit of all its holders. 

If you elected to contribute your claims and have received a payment with respect to your notes or units following the chapter 11 case commencement other than from the Trust, you should contact the Trust immediately for instructions on paying over to the Trust the amount you received or to make other arrangements for such amount to be recouped by the Trust.  To reach the Trust regarding such a matter, please contact Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones, LLP, 919 North Market Street, 17th Floor, Wilmington, DE 19801, 310-203-4271, Attn: Colin Robinson, Esq.

In addition, until the matter is resolved, the Trust reserves the right, without limitation of other rights and remedies it may have, to: (i) pursue recovery of any amounts that you recover on account of claims that have been contributed to the Trust, (ii) recoup any amounts that you have received from non-Trust sources by withholding distributions from the Trust that would otherwise be paid to you on account of your Trust interests; (iii) impose a “freeze” on your ability to sell your Trust interests; (iv) impose a “freeze” on further distributions on account of your Trust interests.  In addition, the Trust reserves the right to enforce any of the foregoing remedies against any purchaser of Trust interests.