I received a letter from a company called Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company telling me that I have Liquidation Trust Interests. What does that mean?

Pursuant to the Plan negotiated by, among others, the Noteholder Committee and the Unitholder Committee, if you held an Allowed Claim against the Debtors on account of a (i) Class 3 Standard Note Claim, (ii) Class 4 General Unsecured Claim, or (iii) Class 5 Unit Claim, then pursuant to the Plan, on the Effective Date, you received Liquidation Trust Interests that entitle you to cash distributions from the Liquidation Trust.  All Liquidation Trust Interests are maintained by the Liquidation Trustee (or his designee) in book entry form only. No paper certificates evidencing the Liquidation Trust Interests are expected to be distributed, but you may contact Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company for a statement of your holdings.