Could I get more than those projections?

It is possible that you could get more or less. The Wind-Down Entity’s assets are largely composed of real estate, including homes under construction.  If the real estate market goes up, then sale prices, and, by extension, cash available for distribution, will go up as well. Conversely, if the real estate market goes down, the projected recoveries may go down as well.  Risk factors other than normal market fluctuations may also influence sale prices, and the Trust’s Form 10 Registration Statement, as amended, and the Trust’s Form 8-K that was filed on April 8, 2020 identify additional risk factors attendant to this process.  Net recoveries will also be influenced by actual development, construction, holding and operating costs.  In addition, the projected recoveries do not include net cash generated by claims (e.g., lawsuits) that have been asserted by the Liquidation Trustee against third parties and have not yet been resolved, the prosecution or settlement of which may increase the cash available for distribution.  In addition, the Trust has not completed the reconciliation of all claims, so it is possible that the percentage recoveries could change based on the final allowance of claims.